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Effective English courses by direct method. We focus on conversations to teach you to speak and think in English.
Effective Conversation Method
Experienced and sympathetic teachers make learning fun and effective
Small groups or individual lessons allow anyone to speak freely and practice material with a lector.


The German Conversation Method allows maximum contact with the language and more natural for the student.
Focusing mainly on conversations makes the student understand the language faster. It helps to gradually disappear the barriers to speak.
Our teachers will be passionate about getting you to love German and happy to come to every class.
The right material will make it easier to move through topics and remember not only new words but also complete sentences and phrases.'


The Spanish language is chosen not only because of professional plans, but also simply because of curiosity and passion. Spanish courses are an effective language learning and a learning experience for Spanish culture and people with similar interests!
A melodic and romantic language students learn with pleasure.
Teachers who share a passion for Spanish language and culture.
Effective Conversation-Based Courses in Spanish Only.


Italy is a hot country open to tourists. Tourism is very often the reason for learning this language.
By choosing the Italian course. in our school, you will not only learn new words and break down language barriers, but you will deepen into the kitchen, customs, architecture and other elements of Italy.
Emphasis on conversations in Italian only will speed up language acquisition and help break the speech barrier.
Teachers who share their knowledge with passion and in a friendly atmosphere.
Small groups so you have enough time in the class to practice the material and ask any questions.'


Our French course is the maximum contact with speaking French but also with other elements such as grammar, writing and reading. This combination enables you to learn fully and efficiently in a timely and fun manner.
A class with Native Speaker, who not only teaches language but also smuggles a bit of knowledge about the culture of this beautiful country.
Focusing on conversations ensures maximum contact with French and rapid breaking down of language barriers.
Small groups are confident that everyone will be able to practice and speak during the class.


The Japanese classes have become more popular in recent years. It is taught not only by people who have a professional future, but also by people who are simply interesting or interested in Japanese culture.
The Japanese language classes at Lingua Pro involve teachers in Japanese philology, for whom this language is much more than work., for whom that language is much more than a job.
The basic course starts by learning two syllabuses: hiragans and catacanes. Later, successive elements of language are gradually introduced so that knowledge can be combined and complementary.
Medicaments japanese students have experience in teaching and, just as importantly, they are keen to communicate their knowledge of language and culture.
The classes are engaging with a range of materials, as well as elements of games and games that make it easy to reproduce and acquire material.'


Chinese courses at Lingua Pro are led by Guan from China. The native speaker classes are very effective, as well as enhanced cultural expertise not found in standard chinese manuals.
Teachers have knowledge of traditional and simplified chinese so they can adapt the material to the needs of their students.
'We focus on speaking and listening so that language can be learned more quickly and language barriers can be broken.
The drugs prepare the materials for the classes and adapt the course topics so that science is done naturally and pleasantly.'


Russian course in Lingua Pro is taught to speak, understand and write in Russian. The classes are fun and the efficiency is high!
The classes are based on the principle of questions and answers about vocabulary introduced in the classes. This allows you to practice speaking Russian with virtually all your classes and break language barriers
Teachers share their knowledge in a friendly environment, so you attend with pleasure and knowledge becomes more permanent.
The material is chosen so that you can navigate through topics efficiently and remember new words and phrases."

Polish for foreigners

Learning is based on conversations and high student activity. We try to be able to motivate students to speak.'
The classes take place almost entirely in Polish, so that the Polish language becomes close to the students, and thus more friendly and motivating for activity.
Lessons are very active - students learn new material and constantly converse with the teacher, who regularly corrects errors. In the curriculum, students develop a strong habit of correct speech using rich vocabulary
Learning the Polish direct method is ideal for people who want to learn the language in a short time, effectively expand their vocabulary and eliminate communication errors.
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