For owners and workersBusiness Language Courses

Lessons to go to your business or at school.

Advantage of Business Courses

Conversation method

well-chosen groups

experience and efficiency

assistance with obtaining funding
  • conversational classes – we focus on conversations so that students acquire the ability to speak and think in a foreign language,
  • high quality of teaching — teachers undergo training and frequent inspetions,
    we have a large number of teachers – Polish speakers and native speakers,
    convenient location – we can reach the company or arrange classes at out place in the city center,
  • tailor-made terms and frequency – we work together to set the right time for the lessons.The best results come from intensive courses 2x week for 90 minutes.
  • we are accredited to the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System.

Language courses with financial support for business

The Torun Regional Development Agency in subsequent “editions” provides the possibility for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises to receive funding for language courses. Refunds range from 50% to 80% of the cost of education for employees and/or business owners.

It is up to the office to receive such funding, but we as a school are helping to obtain funding at every stage of the formalities and we are preparing the documentation we need.

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