Educational materials

Well-designed materials will be useful for effective learning!

Standard educational boards

Learning a foreign language in our school is primarily speaking. But there are materials that help to assimilate it. All sorts of grammar tables, irregular word tables or simply graphics with problematic pronunciation will help you visualize more difficult material and remember it.

We encourage you to use language educational boards that will facilitate understanding and learning, especially grammatical issues.

tablice j. angielski
tablice j. chiński
tablice j. francuski
tablice j. japoński
tablice j. niemiecki
tablice j. włoski
tablice j.hiszpański

Electrostatic tables in English

You can hang electrostatic tables from English on any flat surface and rearrange them according to your needs.

Especially useful::

  • traveling
  • in small rooms where there is no room for mounting large traffic boards
  • in rented flats where standard posters cannot be installed on the wall
  • for students in several languages to change tables according to the material being processed

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